Belmont Alliance Civic Association Serving the Belmont Community
  Belmont Alliance Civic Association Serving the Belmont Community


Additional details on provisions were resoluted by the City of Philadelphia on April 12, 2016 of the Code of the City of Philadelphia Objective guidance to the public, agency staff, and Commissioners on policies, operating procedures, and the application of provisions of the Code cannot be used to make “laws” or exercise any other powers explicitly reserved by Council...



Qualifying Criteria


Provides additional guidance on Statement of Purpose Requires that organizations describe how they determine their membership and that they not discriminate on the
basis of any protected class provides clarification on leadership selection requirement

• “Body at large” = the RCO’s membership
• “leadership” can refer either the leadership for the entire organization OR to the

   committee that presides over RCO meetings

Meeting Requirements


Clarifies that neighborhood notification of meeting must occur prior to meeting
Clarifies that meetings must take place within 45-days of the appeal unless the applicant either fails to provide neighborhood notice or volunteers to meet at a later date.

Public Meetings 


Meetings open to the General Public and scheduled on a regular basis, but not less than once a calendar year quarter.  These meetings shall be announced publicly through media such as flyers, newsletters, newspaper notice, electronic or social media.

Our Business Hours

Monday, Tuesday10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Wednesday - Friday11:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Closed December 26 2017 thru January 5, 2018

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