A Message to Our Donors  

                                                                                                           From an idea to a life changing reality because Neighbors are         helping Neighbors!                                                                                                          We appreciate you and the Support.                 

Belmont Alliance Civic Assocation has teamed up with JetCares - Fundraising to purchase Infant/Toddler Diapers and Infant Care Products.  We would like your support.   

Be a part of the "Vision" and Help Make Someone’s                          Dream Come True...                                                                                            

Charitable Donation Amount



Belmont Alliance Civic Association's focus is Youth Development and families gaining the resources needed.  Each day someone is in need of: Infant/Toddler or Adult Diapers, Food or Clothing are other resource to help them survive.


Just think of how your donation could help a child go on a trip or gain toys during the holiday because  their parent had to pay rent or pay the bills, and could not do what he or she wanted to do for the children. 


"You Can Make A Difference" by Donating Today!  All Cash Funds Donated will be applied to Programming, Resources, Events and/or Activities. 


 Use our PayPal Link - it's Safe and Easy - Thanks in Advance for Your Support! 


Donation Disclaimer

All donations are Tax Exempt according to State Laws. Holly Street Garden Group and/or Belmont Alliance Civic Association, CDC are registered in Pennsylvania as a Non-Profit Corporation, and as a Public Charity exempt from federal income tax under section 501c.3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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