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  Belmont Alliance Civic Association Serving the Belmont Community

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The BYE Program is designed for the youth and began it's journey in the "Belmont" District within West Philadelphia in the State of PA.  Since year "1990" this programm began under the Holly Street Garden Group teaching children general gardening and entreprenuership. 


Over time our youth have been exposed to various programs, events, activities offered by the BYE Program to help them enrich their mind, body and soul...

Our Youth at the Philadelphia 76er's Game... 

"2016 - 2017" Games at the Wells Fargo Stadium...

The B.Y.E. Program Volunteers Hosted their 6th Annual Holiday  - Youth Outreach Event for the residents in the Belmont Community...

12.23.2017 - The Belmont Youth Enrichment Program's 6th Annual Youth Outreach Event -

"Lunch With Santa" was held at the Second Antioch Baptist Church - Joe Nock Pastor.   



11.20.2017 - Community Outreach 

B.A.C.A.'s Annual Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway

"30" Families gained a Thanksgiving Basket or a Turkey with sides for this Holiday.  Many families in Belmont go without due to their financial difficulities.  B.A.C.A. along with our sponsors made sure families had a full meal for Thanksgiving...

09.30.2017 - Community Outreach

"Belmont's 7th Annual Health & Resource Fair"

Belmont Alliance Civic Association teamed up with Calvary St. Augustine Episcopal Church to bring resources and health screenings in arm reach to the Belmont neighbors...

09.23.2017 - Urban Thinkscape Project

(L) Bettye Ferguson, President B.A.C.A. and (R) Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Temple University

The creation of a Play / Learning installation was built at 4001-05 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19104.  Urban Thinkscape forges one of the first collaborations between architectural design and psychological science.  A Special Thanks to Bible Deliverance Church...

09.07.2017 - Community Outreach Event

"Back-to-School Supply Giveaway"

The Students in both Belmont Charter Schools and the children who lives in the Belmont Community all received School Supplies.  Thanks to the Promise Neighborhood Initiative...

03.01.2017 - Community Focus Group

"Belmont's Call For Action"

The Belmont neighbors gathered with Drexel U's - Dr. Loretta Sweet-Jemmott, VP and her team to determine what Health Issues were important to the Belmont neighbors and what steps we needed to take to address the issues... 

Thanks Dr. Jemmott


11.21.2016  - Community Outreach

BACA's November 2016 Thanksgiving Basket giveaway.  Multiple families in Belmont recieved a full thanksgiving dinner - thanks to our donors...

09.10.2016 - Community Outreach

"Collaborating to make a difference" 

BACA and Calvary St. Augustine Episcopal Church - held their Annual Health and Resource Fair with the support of multiple agencies. Event location - 4123-4131 Westminster Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19104.  (L) Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell (R) Bettye Ferguson, President BACA


04.04.2015 – 04th Annual Bunny Hop and Easter Egg Hunt

The Belmont Youth Enrichment Program Committee held their annual event for the youth at Calvary St. Augustine Episcapol Church located at 912-14 north 41st Street, Philadelphia PA.  The children were engaged in fun games as they motivated to power walk and race to gain the most eggs and/or play musical chairs for prizes.   

12.20.2014 – 02nd Annual X-mas Holiday Event

Youth Development Team and Santa with the performers - The Bumble Bee's at the Belmont Youth Enrichment Program's 2nd Annual Holiday Event...

07.26.2014 – Belmont's 5th Annual Family Day at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom...
Moms, Dads and their children boarded our bus and traveled to Allentown for a day of fun - We had a Great Day!

06.26.2014 – 08.01.2014 - Play-Street and Summer Lunch Program
The Belmont neighborhood children enjoying Play-Street Program and the Summer Lunch Program.  We fed 100 children that summer

05.10.2014 – 03rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Bunny Hop
In May thanks to Dietz & Watson, City of Philadelphia's Activities Fund - Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, W.P.R.E., FRP, Inc., and the Belmont Youth Enrichment Committee the neighborhood youth enjoyed a day of food, fun and games...

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